Acclaim Worship: We gather at 8:15 AM each Sunday Morning for Acclaim worship. This early morning worship service offers a smaller more intimate worship atmosphere that many find meaningful.

Morning Worship: We gather at 10:30 AM each Sunday Morning for a larger, more traditional time of worship. Though the structure for this service is traditional, we strive for personal engagement over formality.

Evening Worship: We gather at 6 PM each Sunday Evening for a time of worship that accentuates encouragement and prepares us to embrace the opportunities the coming week may offer us to glorify God in obedience and in making him know in our personal work-week lives.

During our 10:30AM Worship service parents with children younger than 3 can utilize our Nursery/Toddler care. Parents who utilize the Nursery/Toddler care service are provided a pager so that nursery workers can contact them if a need arises with their child.

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